Visa, according to Kiribati Immigration laws is defined as an entry permit for guests traveling to Kiribati and their travel document is not listed in our visa exemption order.
 There are 2 types of visas; i) single entry visa ii) multiple entry visa.
 The cost of a single entry visa is $40.00AUD and a multiple entry visas is $80.00AUD.
 A single entry visa will expire once entry is made and multiple entry visas will allow you to re-enter within a period of 12 months from the date of issue. No entry allowed on that multiple-entry visas after 12 months.
These documents are required for visa application;
1. Duly completed visaapplication form and Checklist
2. Copy of ticket (e-ticket) or itinerary
3. Passport bio-data page showing validity of passport at least 6 months on entry date.
4. Any other documents that may be required by a visa or consular officer assisting you
5. Receipt or Evidence of Payment
(go to Immigration download to see the nearest place for you to apply, how to submit documents and how to make payments)You may contact Visa Officer for inquiries via this email
Important reminder; Visa will be issued if the reason of entry is;
i) Transit, holiday, tourism, meeting/conference/workshop/ seminar. Other reasons of entry should be covered under the permit to enter and reside.
ii) Passports exempted in the exemption order wishing to enter for a purpose other than listed in
above should apply for a different permit prior travelling to Kiribati.

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