The visa constitutes an authorization to enter a country. In the case of Costa Rica, there is a regulation called Entry Visa Guidelines, which establishes, depending on the country, that is, nationality, what type of visa the person must apply for. So before choosing a visa it is important that you review the guideline.
In addition to the visa, to visit Costa Rica people must meet the following requirements:
• Travel continuity ticket or return to the country of origin.
• Demonstration of economic solvency, which corresponds to US $ 100.00 for each month of tourism.
• Passport in good condition. The minimum validity of the passports will correspond to the group in which the foreign person is located, according to the Costa Rica Entry Guideline :
o For nationals located in the First Group , up to 1 day .
o For nationals located in the Second Group , mandatory duration of 3 months .
o For third and fourth group nationals , mandatory validity of 6 months .

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